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August 2019

Congratulations to John Swaine III for 30 years of service on the Talbot Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors! John currently serves at the Talbot SCD Chairman. He farms in the Royal Oak/St. Michael’s area of Talbot County. John also serves as Vice-President of the local Talbot County Farm Bureau.


Agricultural & Environmental Law Conference 2019

November 14th, 2019 | 8 AM - 3 PM

The Crown Plaza Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

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In the News

 Talbot County Ditch Maintenance Reminder

Talbot County ditches.jpg

Landowners and Farmers: Please make sure to not over spray into county ditches when working in your crop fields. If you should have noxious weeds in the ditch, please contact Warren Edwards, Roads Superintendent at 410-770-8151, to take care of the issue. Too often ditches are being sprayed or disked too close to the road which are causing unintentional erosion issues.

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2018 Cover Crop Final Numbers

Making the best of a rough season-

Talbot County farmers planted over 32,500 acres into the traditional cover crop program in 2018. A few farmers also planted over 1,500 acres into the new bio-mass pilot program. Regular cover crop participants will be able to kill down your crops on March 1st. If you have enrolled any acres into our Bio-Mass Pilot Program, you will not be able to kill down your crops until May 1st.

Once you have suppressed your cover crops through herbicide or mechanical means, please contact the District as soon as possible for us to process your Spring Claim for Payment.

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