Board of Supervisors

The Talbot SCD Board of Supervisors provides overall supervision and sets policy assuring that the district performs tasks required by law and memorandums of understanding. Supervisors are appointed to represent farming, forestry, wildlife, suburban/urban interests, and other natural resource interests in a district. Appointments are made by the following groups: Talbot County Government, Talbot County Farm Bureau, and the Talbot County Cooperative Extension. Two supervisors are appointed by the SSCC from among residents of Talbot County. Each term is five (5) years. Currently the Talbot SCD is seeking an associate member. If you are interested, please contact Dale Willson at 410-822-1577 x3.

Board Members

Board Meetings

  • John Swaine III, Chairman (County Appointee)

  • Phil Foster, Vice Chairman (Farm Bureau)

  • Kyle Hutchison, Treasurer

  • Lewis Smith, Member

  • Lemmie Swann, Member (UMD Extension)

  • Shannon Dill (Extension Service), Secretary

  • Sarah Everhart, Associate

  • Vicki Sump, Associate

  • Norman Fike, Honorary Member

The Board meets every 2nd Thursday of each month. The public is encouraged to attend but must contact Dale Wilson before the meeting at

Monthly Agenda
Board of Supervisors Meeting

  1. Call meeting to order

  2. Approval of last board meeting minutes

  3. Tresurer report

  4. Financial report

  5. Current monthly expenditures

  6. Old business

  7. New business

  8. District Conservationist report

  9. District Managers report

  10. Service center report

  11. Adjournment of meeting