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Wildlife Biologist - Easton Field Office

Posted 12/14/2018

In coordination with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), this position will assist with implementation of conservation programs and provisions included in the Farm Bill, and particularly in support of the Northern Bobwhite Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW) initiative. The biologist conducts outreach and provides technical assistance for wildlife habitat restoration and management projects with direct interaction with landowners, agencies, and related project partners. This is an 18-month term position providing direct, in-field support to external customers and NRCS field office staff. The biologist will coordinate directly with the NRCS State Biologist, Maryland DNR wildlife biologists, and NRCS and Soil Conservation District field staff on projects and activities.

Essential Functions

  • Provide wildlife habitat conservation planning and technical assistance for habitat restoration projects to support the Northern Bobwhite Working Lands for Wildlife initiative in Maryland.

  • Meet with landowners, producers, and conservation planners to discuss opportunities to create and manage early successional habitat.

  • Work with partners to provide outreach and garner interest in creating and managing habitat for northern bobwhite. This may include presenting materials on northern bobwhite and funding opportunities at events hosted by non-governmental organizations, landowner groups, and soil conservation district events.

  • Conduct resource inventories to identify and evaluate wildlife habitat quality and condition.

  • Identify Farm Bill funding activities and evaluate technical eligibility for enrollment in conservation programs to support the Northern Bobwhite WLFW initiative.

  • Work with landowners and cooperators to complete application packages for Farm Bill financial assistance.

  • Provide technical specifications and designs for improving, restoring, and managing early successional habitat.

  • Work with conservation planners and technicians, and landowners to schedule and carry out wildlife habitat projects.

  • Coordinate and provide oversight and inspection to implement wildlife habitat projects.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Deadline 12/20/2018