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The Talbot Soil Conservation District actively seeks local youth to participate in the Maryland Envirothon as well as the Land Stewardship Poster Contest each year.

2016 Land Stewardship
Poster Contest Winners

For 26 years the Talbot Soil Conservation District (SCD) has sponsored the Land Stewardship Poster Contest. Each year Talbot SCD provides poster board and a theme to public and private schools in Talbot County. The 2016 theme was We All Need Trees.

For the County Wide Land Stewardship Poster Contest each school sets up a panel of judges and provides 1st place winning posters in four age groups (grades K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to the Talbot SCD for County wide judging that coincides with Earth Day Celebrations. 1st place winners receive a $50 Check, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive $25 checks.

K-1st Grades
1st Place - E. Szwaja (White Marsh Elementary)
2nd Place - C. Adelman (White Marsh Elementary)
3rd Place - K. Simpkins (White Marsh Elementary)

2nd-3rd Grades
1st Place - L. Rayner (Chesapeake Christian)
2nd Place - T. Grist (White Marsh Elementary)
3rd Place - R. Mister (Saints Peter & Paul)

4th-6th Grades
1st Place - M. Pool (Saints Peter & Paul)
2nd Place - J. Hammond (White Marsh Elementary)
3rd Place - A. Potthast (Saints Peter & Paul)

7th-9th Grades
1st Place - C. Dixon (Chesapeake Christian)
2nd Place - J. Borza (Chesapeake Christian)
3rd Place - M. Hill (Chesapeake Christian)

10th-12th Grades 1st Place - J. Barrow (St. Michaels Middle & High School)
2nd Place - M. Hammon (St. Michaels Middle & High School)
3rd Place - A. Lopez (St. Michaels Middle & High School)

Congratulations to all the winners!

What is the Envirothon?

The Envirothon is a problem-solving, hands-on natural resources education program for high school students. Teams of five students work and study under guidance of local and regional natural resource professionals to hone their knowledge of Maryland's natural resources and conservation efforts. The structure of the Envirothon program also encourages development of students problem solving, communications, team building, and decision making skills.

The overall goal of the Envriothon program is to stimulate the interest of the high school aged students in our natural resources, and to motivate them so they will evolve into environmentally aware, action oriented adults. In order to achive this, students take an in-depth at five natural resource areas: Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife and a fifth area that incorperates a current environmental issues that change each year.

Learn More About the Maryland Envirothon

2016 Poster Contest Winner

1st Place for 10th-12th Grade, J. Barrow

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